Friday, December 31

goodbye 2010, part 2

here is a continuation of yesterday's post recapping 2010. 

july: i was all settled in at my mom's house. beach trips. my sister turned 18. held my sister's hand while she got her first tattoo. steve and i took a train to chicago again, but this time to find an apartment. reiche family reunion. steve got a macbook in the mail from a friend as a graduation gift (it was very sweet). helped my sister put on her graduation party. moved to chicago at the end of the month. 

august: we settled into our new apartment! celebrated my 5 year anniversary with steve. went to the art museum a few times. i hit the 100 follower mark on my blog. my family came to visit me at new home. steve's family also came to visit us! went to the john hancock observatory, which took us 94 stories above michigan avenue! i started school, full-time.

september: i attended my first ever renegade craft fair. it was autumn; i made handmade apple pie to celebrate. i met a wonderful new friend. my sister came out to chicago for a visit.

october: steve released his very first chapbook.

november: completed phase 1 of 4 at school. steve turned 23. steve's family came to chicago, again. we went to the chicago symphony orchestra. i started out on the salon floor. 

december: i had my second blog giveaway. went to the renegade holiday craft fair. i experienced my first chicago snow fall. traveled back to michigan to be with my family for a few days over the holiday. 

hope you all had a wonderful year as well! 

Thursday, December 30

goodbye 2010, part 1

2010 has been such an amazing year!

here's a little recap...

january: i celebrated the new year with a few of my friends, outside, howling at the moon. i went to a burlesque performance in detroit called wonderland, starring the lovely roxie dlite. i had little lunch and dinner dates with my friends. got a lot of modeling and senior portrait clients for my photography business.

february: i continued doing a ton of photography work with clients. celebrated valentines day with my darling steve (where i also asked him if he would like to be my boyfriend, again). i was able to celebrate my 21st birthday with my closest friends.

march: i reached the 50 follower mark on my blog...which lead to my first blog giveaway! i went on a lot of walks around my neighborhood. felt very inspired and creative. steve received his mfa acceptance letters in the mail. it became spring (one of my most favorite seasons)! also, more photoshoots...

april: i started the sunday spotlight feature on my blog. i bought two kites and flew them a at the park with steve. steve and i officially decided we were moving to chicago! we traveled on a train (for the first time) to chicago. i toured my school. steve read his poetry at columbia.

may: i picked flowers for my mom and made her a lunch for mothers day. photographed my second wedding. had a yard sale. my sister finished high school!

june: i had a picnic at the park. i changed my blog name from o me, o life to midnight black. my sister had her high school graduation. i joined a journal challenge. went to my sister's college orientation with her and my mom. it was summer! steve completed his undergrad study. i went tubing down the river with my friends. packed, packed, and packed. bye bye mount pleasant and back to my hometown for the summer.

i'll be back with part 2 tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 21

hand in glove

i've been busy going to school and preparing for the holidays these past couple of weeks. i still have my perfect attendance record for school and i usually service a client or two a day now. the way things work in the salon are becoming a little more familiar to me. when i was first starting out on the salon floor i was a bit nervous. i also had one bad experience with a client, but since then i've been able to set my fear aside (for the most part). also, i am almost half way done with my program! only 5 more months to go, yay!

i'm so excited to be going home to michigan to see my family very soon. i haven't seen most of my family since i moved here in august. i have all my gifts for them picked out and wrapped. i know everyone will love the presents i picked out for them!

i also got myself a couple little gifts, hehe. one of which was from h&m. they had a 50% off sale on their coats, so i got a new one. it only costed me $35; i love it! 

we had our first snowfall here a couple of weeks ago. i love the first snowfall, it's so magical, but then i quickly get tired of it, and steve and i think about how much we should have just moved to san francisco, haha.

hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of the year!

exactly 2 months from today it will be my birthday, yayyyyyy!

Monday, December 13

save no prayer

dimepiece spring 2011

Wednesday, December 8

giveaway winner

i wrote down names of those who entered onto a small strip of paper, had my lovely boyfriend mix them up in a box, and pull a name out. 

the winner is...

thank you to all of you who entered the giveaway!

ayden, please e-mail your address to jlkirsch(at)aol(dot)com and i'll send you your prize! 

Tuesday, December 7

just a reminder...

only 6 hours left to enter my giveaway.

again, this is what's up for grabs...

+too faced bronzing powder in "pink leopard"
+too faced lipstick in "centerfold"
+too faced eye shadow duo in "teddy bear & heaven"
+too faced shadow insurance eye shadow primer (0.11 oz.)
+bobbi brown makeup remover (1 fl oz.)

(none of which are tested on animals)

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Monday, December 6

renegade holiday craft fair

this past weekend i went to the renegade holiday craft fair here in chicago. i went with my boyfriend steve and our friend stephen. it was huge! there were so many artists there. 

i bought a holiday gift for my sister from species by the thousands and a magnet from the mincing mockingbird. the magnet is so cute! it has a picture of an owl and then below, it says "can i get a who? who?." 

we also got our photos taken in the magbooth (as you can see)! i love the magbooth. i totally want to rent one of these when i have my wedding someday.


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Thursday, December 2

little bandits

lonely hearts winter 2011 lookbook. 


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Wednesday, December 1

100th follower giveaway!

it's taken me a long time to get this up since i've hit 100 followers back in august, but here it is! thank you to all of you wonderful people who take the time to read my blog. i appreciate your comments! this is for you...

here's what one lucky person will win:

+too faced bronzing powder in "pink leopard"
+too faced lipstick in "centerfold"
+too faced eye shadow duo in "teddy bear & heaven"
+too faced shadow insurance eye shadow primer (0.11 oz.)
+bobbi brown makeup remover (1 fl oz.)
(none of which are tested on animals) 

here's what you have to do to enter to win:
+be a follower of my blog and leave your name in a comment below.

for an additional entry to up your chances of winning...
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a winner will be randomly chosen wednesday, december 8th.

good luck!