Monday, November 29


this past weekend was quite lovely. thursday night steve's family arrived in chicago to visit with us. friday we all got up early and headed over to wicker park. we stopped in a couple of thrift stores, an urban outfitters (where i got a cardigan and a cute little pair of shoes), and a bike shop.  after that little bit of shopping we went to have lunch at the handlebar. it was delicious! after lunch we went back to the apartment, relaxed for a few hours, then got dressed to go to the chicago symphony orchestra. 

this is what steve had.

this is what i had. yum!

saturday was pretty much a day dedicated to good food. steve, joe, and i spent most of the day together. the rest of steve's family headed downtown to michigan avenue.  once steve, joe, and i woke up, we walked on over to the chicago diner for brunch! after brunch joe rode his bike around. he had a lot of fun riding it in the city. steve and i met up with him at whole foods, where we bought vegan pizza ingredients! we came back home and rested up a little bit. joe went out to a bike shoe shop. once he got back we began making the pizzas! while joe finished up the pizzas, i began making two apple pies! like i said, this day was totally dedicated to good food. 

it was a nice weekend. 

all photos in this post were taken by andy roggenbuck.

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  1. OMGGG. Totes loving the foodie shots. so delish!

    xx raez

  2. Sounds like a cosy little weekend girl :) ALSO loving the grub, yum! and baking apple pie? Oh its making me hungry. Chicago sounds like a nice city, I'm glad you sound all settled there :) xx

  3. sounds swell. aw I went to Urban Outfitters when I was in Chicago. I really liked it out there (in chi town)

  4. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuum!
    p.s shall follow you on twitter.