Monday, November 8


the past month has been wild! i've been in school morning to evening--five days a week. it hasn't given me much time to blog, so i do apologize to my readers for my absence. 

things are starting to wind down a little, though. this week is my last week of phase 1 at school, after this week is over i get a 1 week wellness break! i'm excited, especially to catch up on sleep! when i return to school i will  be starting phase 2 and i will begin working on the salon floor. i'm very excited!

i've also been thinking a lot about my future. i know in my late twenties i want to open up my own photo studio, but i think it would be neat for it to be a photography and hair studio. i think it's an exciting idea! 

this week is my darling steve's birthday! he is going to be 23 on thursday! i'm going to be featuring him in the next sunday spotlight, which will be on 11/14. 

hope everyone is staying warm and cozy! 

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  1. if i didn't live on the otehr side of the world i would so be a regular at your studio! you should go for it, follow your dreams :)

  2. you should do whatever makes you happy :)