Thursday, March 20

apartment sweet apartment

it's nice having my own place again. i've never had an apartment to just myself, like i do now. it makes me feel really proud of myself. i've got most of the rooms together. i have a real table (not a card table, like when i first started out a few years ago) and chairs, kitchen stuff, and most recently i got my couch! i am so happy with it; it's from ikea. my boyfriend, matt, helped me get it. it's really made my apartment feel more like a "home." 

{ the lamp is from target and the pillows, blanket, and couch is from ikea. }

next thing i am saving up for is a tv! my current movie setup consists of a computer screen on top of a cardboard box. i also am trying to figure out what color to paint the walls. i think some color would make the place a little more lively.

Thursday, September 26

rest in peace

i've known this sweet little guy, buttons, for quite a long time. i was sad to hear about him passing away earlier this week.

you will be missed buttons (aka heavy breathing cat). 

peace is every step

Thursday, July 4

bachelorette party

the beautiful bride to be, my sister, had a little bachelorette party last friday; it was a fun time! she invited all her bridesmaids to go out for bowling and then back to her house for a picnic-like lunch, desserts, and a campfire. 

justin & rebecca - july 27, 2013.

the bride to be, bowling away. 

delicious cupcakes i bought from bake n' cakes in east lansing, michigan. 

i made the pre-made smores treats, found the recipe on pintrest. everyone thought they were amazing!

izze is never a disappointment. 

each of the bridesmaids (missing one girl in this photo) wore a shirt that said the number of years on the back that the bride has known each of them; i thought it was a cute idea (i'm the last one on the right).

i got becca a little gift card to victoria's secret as a bachelorette gift.  

 becca & boden (her son). 

can't believe that the wedding is this month! i'm so excited!

Tuesday, May 7


i've been trying to get a job as a hair stylist in lansing. i had my second interview at this one place this past weekend. it seemed to have gone very well and they asked me back for a third (and hopefully final interview).  matt got me these flowers as a 'good luck' gift; it was very sweet of him. he got the perfect color and everything; i love them! 

besides my interview...i enjoyed time out and about with matt. we went to lowes and got a bunch of seeds, plants, and pots. i got myself a 'forget me not' plant.

lone wolf

last week i went in to the shop and finished my wolf tattoo on my thigh. matt started the outline back in november and i went back in to get it shaded. i really love how it turned out; he did a really nice job

the shop tattoo and piercing studio
tattoo artist: matt aldridge

Wednesday, May 1

m a y

Tuesday, April 16

24 before 25

my birthday was a couple months ago, but i really wanted to make one of these lists again. part of this list was composed closer to my birthday date and some of it i finished today. 

1. move back to a city.
2. get another tattoo.
3. donate to charity.
4. go camping.
5. get a job at a salon in the city.
purchase an oddity of some sort.
7. take more photos.
8. print photography business cards.
9. go to amusement park.
10. get clutter out of home.
11. visit another brewery.
12. make meditation a daily part of my life again.
13. try out newborn photography.
14. make a homemade pie, besides apple.
15. make new friends.
16. pay off credit card & start saving.
17. be a makeup artist/hair stylist for a photo shoot.
18. visit chicago and my old pivot point academy classmates.
19. print something with my favorite instagram photos.
20. grow a plant from a seed.
21. day at the spa.
22. do at least 5 diys i re-pinned on pinterest
23. go to theater bizarre.

24. plan a special 25th birthday!