Saturday, January 29

book cover contest

my boyfriend is publishing a poetry book on march 1st called DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM. the poems in the book are excerpts from his msn messenger history from high school (many from our conversations) set in 80 pt. helvetica.

right now he is having a project where people take pictures of printed poems for the upcoming book, and then one of the pictures will be used as the cover of the book. the photo below is one that i am submitting for the contest.

anyone can participate, and right now about 40 of 50 possible spots have been filled. you can get more information about the project on his blog. photo submissions are due on february 2nd, so there is still time to sign up and get a poem to photograph!

*contest closed*

Wednesday, January 5

here comes the night

yesterday steve and i went on a little trip to the art institute. we explored the impressionist art, new media and design, and also checked out the thorne "miniature rooms"; it was so cute! they were these little rooms modeled after victorian era homes mostly.

after the museum we walked outside and saw all the buildings were lit up. it was so beautiful, so we decided to stay downtown for a bit longer and enjoy it. we walked around in millenium park, watched people ice skate, and took a short video (which you can enjoy below). later steve asked me if i wanted to go out to chicago diner for some vegan hot chocoate, which i really enjoyed.


it was a fun night! here is the video i took in millennium park:

(all photos taken by me, except photo #2 taken by steve.)

Tuesday, January 4

happy new year

happy new year, everyone! i can't believe it's 2011! i'm really excited for this year. i think that a lot of great things are going to happen!

on new year's eve i went downtown to sprinkles and got a couple vegan red velvet cupcakes for steve and myself. later that evening steve, our friend stephen, and i went out for dinner and drinks at the pick-me-up cafe. i had a falafel wrap with fries; it was so delicious! then we headed over to a little new year's party in logan square. it was a fun time. we chilled, talked, laughed, had a countdown at midnight, discussed if 2011 was a prime number (it is), listened to music, danced, had another countdown for the people of california, and played pictionary, using the wall as our drawing board, haha. the ride home was a bit crazy. there were a lot of crazy drunk girls that could barely walk in their heels; it looked pretty funny. a lot of drunk people on the subway ride home. we made it home safe, though! it was a pretty good night all in all. 

here are some of my goals for 2011...

1. keep positive feelings and people in my life.

2. get organized. my goal is for everything to have its own place, so things flow better visually in my apartment and i feel simple and clean.

3. support only companies that don't test on animals. i started doing this a lot more in the last few months of 2010. i've stopped buying animal-tested make up, shampoos, hand soaps, and cleaning supplies. i've already found a lot of great alternatives. i really want to carry this through 2011. 

what are your goals for 2011, if any?