Saturday, January 29

book cover contest

my boyfriend is publishing a poetry book on march 1st called DOWNLOAD HELVETICA FOR FREE.COM. the poems in the book are excerpts from his msn messenger history from high school (many from our conversations) set in 80 pt. helvetica.

right now he is having a project where people take pictures of printed poems for the upcoming book, and then one of the pictures will be used as the cover of the book. the photo below is one that i am submitting for the contest.

anyone can participate, and right now about 40 of 50 possible spots have been filled. you can get more information about the project on his blog. photo submissions are due on february 2nd, so there is still time to sign up and get a poem to photograph!

*contest closed*


  1. wow! what a great idea for a book! :) msn was pretty much my life as a teenager haha. well, when I was at school. going over to check out his website right now xx

  2. This looks wonderful Jess! How adorable. I may have to contribute :D x

  3. woops i am a little too late lol... all the best for him!

  4. Absolutely love the idea of this book, such a good idea. Have you ever seen Helvetica the documentary?