Sunday, July 26

my last night in pittsburgh

we (steve and i) are in pittsburgh today, we arrived here yesterday afternoon. tomorrow we leave for washington d.c., there we will meet up with joe. we haven't seen him for a month, so it will be a great time! after we pick him up we are going to sticky fingers, which is a vegan pastry shop. i am so excited for sticky fingers!

earlier today we went to a rich persons cemetery. i had never seen anything like it before. there were these giant stone like buidings and inside each of them were the caskets of a family. then later in the day we got lost and went over a few bridges and in a tunnel; it was crazy! we managed to find our way back to where we are staying though.

tonight i had ethiopian food for the first time; it was very interesting. they do not use any utensils to eat, you use this spongy bread to pick up the food and eat it. it was a pretty great experience. the food was pretty good, but i didn't care too much for the spongy bread.

Thursday, July 23


saturday morning is the start of my roadtrip out to the east coast! i am so excited! i am mainly excited for all the awesome food and also some of the places we are going to visit, such as the cliff walk. i've got all batteries for all my cameras charged and ready to go! i am bringing my digital, a film camera, and my polaroid. tonight i am going to pack my bags and tomorrow i'm just going to run a lot of errands in the morning and rest for the remainder of the day. 
tonight steve and i celebrated our 4 year anniversary and it was a great time. he took me canoeing! i was really excited to canoe, i've never canoed before. when we actually got in the canoe and started to paddle...i got really scared, i think i was more terrified of tipping over than excited as i thought i would be. i still had a great time, though. after that we got a dessert from the health hut. then we headed back to mount pleasant and went to italian oven and had a really yummy meal. lastly we went to the theatre and watched bruno. it was a pretty fabulous day i'd say. 

Tuesday, July 21


today is a pretty great day so far. i got a lot of important things done last night, so that feels good today to not have to worry about it all. i still have a lot of wedding pictures to work on and i want to get that done before my road-trip out to the east coast in four days. 

it is going to be mine and steve's four year anniversary on august first, but we are going to be celebrating it this thursday since we will be busy on the actual day. we are going to go canoeing, out to eat, and then we are going to go see a film. it is going to be a very eventful day and i am very excited for it!