Sunday, July 26

my last night in pittsburgh

we (steve and i) are in pittsburgh today, we arrived here yesterday afternoon. tomorrow we leave for washington d.c., there we will meet up with joe. we haven't seen him for a month, so it will be a great time! after we pick him up we are going to sticky fingers, which is a vegan pastry shop. i am so excited for sticky fingers!

earlier today we went to a rich persons cemetery. i had never seen anything like it before. there were these giant stone like buidings and inside each of them were the caskets of a family. then later in the day we got lost and went over a few bridges and in a tunnel; it was crazy! we managed to find our way back to where we are staying though.

tonight i had ethiopian food for the first time; it was very interesting. they do not use any utensils to eat, you use this spongy bread to pick up the food and eat it. it was a pretty great experience. the food was pretty good, but i didn't care too much for the spongy bread.

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