Saturday, December 8

baby shower

today was my sister, becca's, baby shower! it turned out really well; becca looked like a super babe! she had a woodland theme for the shower. 

becca's baby is due in february and i am so excited to meet my little nephew! they decided on the name boden hunter. 

here are some pictures from the shower...

the papa and mama.

here is my sister and me. 

the gift bags for the bingo winners. 


here is one of the gifts i got becca from blabla kids.

becca and aunt jean.

Tuesday, May 1

i want you to come along for the ride

it's been such a long time since i've posted on my blog! i feel terrible to see this let go. i've enjoyed going back and reading all my old posts and being reminded of lots of enjoyable times in my life. a lot has changed since the fall. i have a lot to write about! hope i still have followers out there and if not...this is still a nice space for myself.