Wednesday, September 7


i'm so excited! the renegade craft fair will be in chicago this weekend! my sister is coming in from michigan to go to it with me. i went to it last year and had a blast! there were so many amazing items, i wanted to buy so much, but only went home with a print from berkley illustration  (which i love)! i love the free photo booth, the music, and the food! last year i saw elsie at her booth, but was too nervous to say hi. 

Monday, September 5

sweater weather


i hope everyone is enjoying their extended weekend! saturday night i made a cake to celebrate getting my official photography website up! later that night steve and i decided to start watching star wars episode 3: revenge of the sith. it had been so long since i'd seen that one! sunday night me, steve, and our friend stephen hung out. we walked over to lake michigan and i took pictures of them for the cover of their ebook they are collaborating on. i also took a lot of other photos (as seen above) because the lighting was so beautiful at sunset! 

i am very excited because sweater weather is here! this is my favorite time of year. i love the cool crisp fall air; it's getting me excited for everything i love about fall! the cute pumpkins, apple cider, crunchy leaves covering all the sidewalks, corn mazes, and apple pie! i also just love the coziness of it. 

what are some of your favorite things about the fall season?