Monday, May 31

vougue italia may 2010

i love this hair so much!

i had a yard sale this weekend. sold a good amount of stuff. all of the clothing i didn't sell i kept, so that i could list the items on ebay. i will probably be doing that later in the week. everything else that i didn't sell at the sale, i put on a pile by the road and put a free sign up next to it. someone came by with a van and took it all! yayy!

today has been a pretty relaxing day. i woke up to a beautiful thunder storm. it rained all day today! steve and i went for a walk at the park when the rained calmed down a little. i had a nice time with him.

tomorrow my sister is coming to town! i am so excited to hang out with her for a couple days. she just finished high school last friday. her and i are going to go shopping while she is up. we're going to be looking for some summer dresses.

tomorrow is june! i can't believe how much this year is going by so far already. and in two months i will be moved to chicago! i am so excited!

i hope everyone else had a fun weekend!

Wednesday, May 26


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Tuesday, May 25

oh tuesday

wow! it has been very hot out the past few days. i really hope my apartment complex opens up the pool soon.

i got a lot of work done this past weekend. packaged up a bunch of photo orders, i finished editing all of the pictures from the wedding i photographed two weeks, steve and i both did a little cleaning/sorting, got things together that we didn't want/need anymore, and took our 3 month collection of recyclables to the recycling center (phew)! also, i'm officially registered for school in the fall! i'm so happy!

this week is my sister's last week of high school. i'm very excited for her! i've been trying to think of ideas on how to display her pictures at her graduation party because i'm helping my mom put it together for her. my sister and i are going to meet up sometime soon before her graduation and graduation party, so we can pick out a dress for her to wear.

sorry for my lack of writing lately. i've been caught up in things a lot more lately. it will all come to a break soon, though.

has anyone gone swimming yet this year?

Saturday, May 15

courtney reagor

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Tuesday, May 11

rainy tuesday

i've done so much today and it's only 12:31 pm. i was going to go running this morning, but it was raining, so i haven't been out to do that yet. hopefully tonight before bed the rain will stop and i can get a quick run in. 

i had a nice weekend. i went to visit my mother for mother's day. we went shopping, i picked her some flowers, and i made her a lunch. we had a fun time together! while i was up at my mom's house, i also helped my sister get ready for her prom friday night. i never went to my junior or senior year prom. it was never really in my interest, but i'm glad my sister had fun at her's!

Thursday, May 6

chicago: part 3

day three in chicago (saturday, may 1st): steve and i woke up, packed our bags, and headed up to wrigleyville for lunch. when we got off the el in wrigleyville we were once again surrounded by cubs fans, haha. we ate at the pick me up cafe. i had a falafel sandwich with fries, and then for dessert steve and i shared a slice of vegan chocolate cookies-and-cream cake with vanilla ice cream.

we then took the el back to the loop where we chilled for a few hours until it was time for our train back to home. we walked down the streets and sat and relaxed in the gardens at the art institute. the gardens were so beautiful!

we then walked over to millenium park (for a second time). we took pictures of the cloud gate and us by the cloud gate. it was neat. there were a lot of people there, too, because it was polish constitution day.

 here are steve and i! can you spot us?

from there...we walked over to the jay pritzker pavilion. they were having a polish singer performing. steve and i sat in the grass and listened for a little bit. i thought it was neat being there because i am part polish.

hours passed and it was now time to start walking back to the union station to catch our 5:30 pm train back home to michigan. on our walk over, we were curious as to why there were so many roads blocked off. we kept walking and started to notice video cameras being set up and a lot of cop cars. we came to a point where there were a bunch of people rallying. it was a rally against the immigration law in arizona. steve and i stood and watched it for a while. it was such an amazing thing to see. being in chicago, and coming from a small town, i was exposed to so many things that i used to only see on t.v.


it was an amazing trip, and i am so happy to call chicago my future home! i can't wait to move there in august!

Wednesday, May 5

chicago: part 2

day two in chicago (friday, april 30th): shortly after steve and i woke up, we headed to irving park, where i met with eljin at pivot point international academy. i had a meeting with him...mainly to check out the school because i want to attend in the fall. they have two campuses in the chicago area, so after i was done there, steve and i went up to wrigleyville to have lunch at the chicago diner! they had the most amazing food ever there! i ordered a vegan peanut butter cookie dough milkshake! amazing! i also ordered a gyro with mac and 'cheeze' on the side.

once we were done with lunch, we went to evanston, which i must say is such a beautiful place! we went up there because that is where pivot point's other location is. eljin thought i might love that location a little more, and i did.

after that, steve and i took the el to the loyola station and toured an apartment. then we walked around a bit and headed to the lake. it was so beautiful!

we then went back to chris's for the night. steve read poetry books while i looked over my pivot point information.

 i'll be back with the final section of my trip (part 3) tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 4

chicago: part 1

steve and i went to chicago last thursday via the amtrak. we arrived in chicago at the union station around 11:30 am. from there we walked around in the loop for a while and then took the el to wicker park, where we ate at sultan's market. we had falafel sandwiches and they were amazing! i love falafel so much! i always love eating falafel in resturants because i am not good at making it at all. last time i tried making it i almost started a kitchen fire.

in chicago we stayed with one of steve's friends, chris. he lives in logan square, so after the resturant, we headed there to drop our luggage off and rest for a little while. steve and i had a few hours before the columbia poetry review reading and release party, so we took the el down to the loop and explored!

steve and i then made our way to columbia! i had a great time at the reading. my dear steve did a wonderful job reading his poems. i am so proud of him!  there were a lot of other great poets reading, too. zachary schomburg was the headlining poet. he was funny! i loved his poems.

after the reading steve and i headed back up to wicker park and had dinner at the earwax cafe. after that we went back to chris's and called it a night.  

i will post more about our trip in the next couple of days. i just thought i would break it all up since i want to write about it all.

hope everyone is having a great start to their week!