Thursday, May 6

chicago: part 3

day three in chicago (saturday, may 1st): steve and i woke up, packed our bags, and headed up to wrigleyville for lunch. when we got off the el in wrigleyville we were once again surrounded by cubs fans, haha. we ate at the pick me up cafe. i had a falafel sandwich with fries, and then for dessert steve and i shared a slice of vegan chocolate cookies-and-cream cake with vanilla ice cream.

we then took the el back to the loop where we chilled for a few hours until it was time for our train back to home. we walked down the streets and sat and relaxed in the gardens at the art institute. the gardens were so beautiful!

we then walked over to millenium park (for a second time). we took pictures of the cloud gate and us by the cloud gate. it was neat. there were a lot of people there, too, because it was polish constitution day.

 here are steve and i! can you spot us?

from there...we walked over to the jay pritzker pavilion. they were having a polish singer performing. steve and i sat in the grass and listened for a little bit. i thought it was neat being there because i am part polish.

hours passed and it was now time to start walking back to the union station to catch our 5:30 pm train back home to michigan. on our walk over, we were curious as to why there were so many roads blocked off. we kept walking and started to notice video cameras being set up and a lot of cop cars. we came to a point where there were a bunch of people rallying. it was a rally against the immigration law in arizona. steve and i stood and watched it for a while. it was such an amazing thing to see. being in chicago, and coming from a small town, i was exposed to so many things that i used to only see on t.v.


it was an amazing trip, and i am so happy to call chicago my future home! i can't wait to move there in august!


  1. interesting architecture! :) Ive seen that big shiny buildings in a few movies. Thats cool youre gonna be moving to chicago :) looks like a nice place! x

  2. AHH you went to another one of my fave restaurants! Pick me up is sooo good!


  3. What a beautiful city and how exciting!!!

  4. i really like chicago. has that younger, smaller, cleaner and more affordable nyc vibe.

  5. hehe, i have never been in chicago, but the city reminds me alot of nyc

  6. What a way to end the trip!

    I've always wanted to visit what I call the metal jellybean. I didn't know it was called the cloud gate.

  7. i love this! sounds like you had an awesome time!

  8. WOW I love seeing all the pictures you posted.

    I never knew the metal thing was called the cloud gate. I learned something new!! yay thank you!!

    Are you more excited to move or nervous? I loved living in Pittsburgh but I was nervous to move to a big city. I now wish I still lived there.

  9. gina: i think i am more excited about moving to chicago now that i've recently visited it. we checked out all of the neighborhoods and found the ones that we felt most comfortable in, so the trip was really helpful.

  10. Ooh, I'm so jealous you're moving to Chicago! I love it there so much - I'm glad we're only 3 hours away so I can make the trip whenever I want - but to live in the city - would be amazing!

  11. you will love chicago. it's really cold here, but the summers make up for it. i've been here for almost 3 years now and moving here was the best decision i ever made!