Monday, May 31

vougue italia may 2010

i love this hair so much!

i had a yard sale this weekend. sold a good amount of stuff. all of the clothing i didn't sell i kept, so that i could list the items on ebay. i will probably be doing that later in the week. everything else that i didn't sell at the sale, i put on a pile by the road and put a free sign up next to it. someone came by with a van and took it all! yayy!

today has been a pretty relaxing day. i woke up to a beautiful thunder storm. it rained all day today! steve and i went for a walk at the park when the rained calmed down a little. i had a nice time with him.

tomorrow my sister is coming to town! i am so excited to hang out with her for a couple days. she just finished high school last friday. her and i are going to go shopping while she is up. we're going to be looking for some summer dresses.

tomorrow is june! i can't believe how much this year is going by so far already. and in two months i will be moved to chicago! i am so excited!

i hope everyone else had a fun weekend!


  1. i absolutely love!
    congrats on your yard sale!

  2. Gorgeous image! Goodluck selling on Ebay. I think there ar ebetter ways to sell clothes than on Ebay - you lose way too much. Look out for bring and buy markets, carboot sales and second hand fashion events xx