Tuesday, May 11

rainy tuesday

i've done so much today and it's only 12:31 pm. i was going to go running this morning, but it was raining, so i haven't been out to do that yet. hopefully tonight before bed the rain will stop and i can get a quick run in. 

i had a nice weekend. i went to visit my mother for mother's day. we went shopping, i picked her some flowers, and i made her a lunch. we had a fun time together! while i was up at my mom's house, i also helped my sister get ready for her prom friday night. i never went to my junior or senior year prom. it was never really in my interest, but i'm glad my sister had fun at her's!


  1. I hope you get a run in today! Its been that way all day here too!


  2. That sounds like such a lovely weekend! my junior prom is this weekened. :)


  3. that sounds like a really sleepy nice weekend! i love those types!
    lois x

  4. It has been raining here lke crazy. I want sunshine!!

    hope you have a sunshine day tomorrow.