Tuesday, May 25

oh tuesday

wow! it has been very hot out the past few days. i really hope my apartment complex opens up the pool soon.

i got a lot of work done this past weekend. packaged up a bunch of photo orders, i finished editing all of the pictures from the wedding i photographed two weeks, steve and i both did a little cleaning/sorting, got things together that we didn't want/need anymore, and took our 3 month collection of recyclables to the recycling center (phew)! also, i'm officially registered for school in the fall! i'm so happy!

this week is my sister's last week of high school. i'm very excited for her! i've been trying to think of ideas on how to display her pictures at her graduation party because i'm helping my mom put it together for her. my sister and i are going to meet up sometime soon before her graduation and graduation party, so we can pick out a dress for her to wear.

sorry for my lack of writing lately. i've been caught up in things a lot more lately. it will all come to a break soon, though.

has anyone gone swimming yet this year?


  1. I have made several attempts to go swimming, which have all failed. I am very upset about this. I need to be more driven in my attempts. You?

  2. caitlyn, i haven't been swimming this year yet. i would be in the pool right now if it were open. my mom lives only 6 miles from the beach, though. i may have to just jump in the lake when i get out that way next!

  3. I went swimming yesterday and today. It was a bit colder today, but still fun. :)