Tuesday, May 4

chicago: part 1

steve and i went to chicago last thursday via the amtrak. we arrived in chicago at the union station around 11:30 am. from there we walked around in the loop for a while and then took the el to wicker park, where we ate at sultan's market. we had falafel sandwiches and they were amazing! i love falafel so much! i always love eating falafel in resturants because i am not good at making it at all. last time i tried making it i almost started a kitchen fire.

in chicago we stayed with one of steve's friends, chris. he lives in logan square, so after the resturant, we headed there to drop our luggage off and rest for a little while. steve and i had a few hours before the columbia poetry review reading and release party, so we took the el down to the loop and explored!

steve and i then made our way to columbia! i had a great time at the reading. my dear steve did a wonderful job reading his poems. i am so proud of him!  there were a lot of other great poets reading, too. zachary schomburg was the headlining poet. he was funny! i loved his poems.

after the reading steve and i headed back up to wicker park and had dinner at the earwax cafe. after that we went back to chris's and called it a night.  

i will post more about our trip in the next couple of days. i just thought i would break it all up since i want to write about it all.

hope everyone is having a great start to their week!


  1. I love earwax! such a goofy name.

  2. I love Earwax! They have some of the best vegan sammiches. There coffee gets better and better as all of the other little coffee houses close around it.
    Where else did you go in Wicker Park?
    (my bff lives in Wicker Park on North Ave.)

  3. Ahhh amazing pictures :) looks like a gorgeous city! Glad you had a lovely time xx

  4. beautiful photos! sounds like such a fun trip!


  5. courtney: we did't get to wander around wicker park too much, sadly. i'll be back there, though! then i'll get to check it all out.