Tuesday, April 27


steve and i had chickpea cutlets for dinner tonight, and they were so good! later tonight i'm thinking about making vegan banana nut muffins, yum!

i'm so excited for chicago. i know i am going to go crazy with all the vegan resturants they have there. do any of you on here have a twitter? here is my twitter. you can follow me if you'd like. i will be posting updates from my trip on there.

i also would like to just note that i will not be having a sunday spotlight this week. i didn't have time to interview someone because of my preparation for my trip and such.

i hope everyone is having a beautiful day!


  1. I am now following you on twitter! Yay for your trip :D


  2. Have a greatt time on your trip, looking forward to looking at all your pictures!!

    Char x

  3. Have a great trip! Chicago is near and dear to my heart, I grew up in the northwest suburbs. I'll be moving back on Sunday! Here's a link to a really great restaurant, I'm not 100% sure about vegan food, but I would think they'd have some stuff. It's one of my favorite places!



  4. I just requested to follow you.

    Have a safe and fun trip! I can't wait to see pics!