Wednesday, April 14

exciting news!

today has been a pretty great day. i have had all the windows open all day because it is so warm, i'm working on making a wreath for my mom (for mother's day), flew kites with steve this afternoon at the park, made some yummy food, edited some pictures for a client, and found out that we (steve and i) are officially moving to chicago later this year! i'm so excited about that last one. i've been waiting so long to find out where we were going to be moving and now i finally know.

also, i have a special treat for all my readers...a future giveaway!

yes, i am going to be doing another giveaway soon! the giveaway will be posted monday, april 19th at 12:00 pm eastern time.


  1. Yay! for Chicago- you will just love it; I know it!

  2. Sounds like a great day!


  3. YAY for kites!! Sounds like you guys had a perfect day.

  4. kite flying?! How much fun is that?!

  5. oooh yay for getting to move to chicago! that's super exciting ^_^