Thursday, March 20

apartment sweet apartment

it's nice having my own place again. i've never had an apartment to just myself, like i do now. it makes me feel really proud of myself. i've got most of the rooms together. i have a real table (not a card table, like when i first started out a few years ago) and chairs, kitchen stuff, and most recently i got my couch! i am so happy with it; it's from ikea. my boyfriend, matt, helped me get it. it's really made my apartment feel more like a "home." 

{ the lamp is from target and the pillows, blanket, and couch is from ikea. }

next thing i am saving up for is a tv! my current movie setup consists of a computer screen on top of a cardboard box. i also am trying to figure out what color to paint the walls. i think some color would make the place a little more lively.