Sunday, April 4

sunday spotlight v.1

i decided to start a new series on sundays that highlights another bloggers work. i hope you all enjoy this new feature!

name/blog name: caitlin from home sweet home

how long have you been blogging? since october of '09. so close to 6 months i think.

what was your reason for starting your blog? i have had a live journal before and really liked having a quick place to jot down thoughts. i also like the idea of sharing something i know and the sort of community that comes with that.

what is your favorite craft? knitting. i really love the feeling of accomplishment when you are finished with a project, even if its a scarf in plain ol' english stitch. knitting has really taught me to relax and keep my attachments in check. if you screw up, no biggie, just start over.

do you have an etsy store or plans of one in the future? i don't have a store now. however, i have entertained having one in the future. i don't know if i have the time to sell knitted things (takes too long) but i plan on learning to sew.

what are your top 5 blogs you like to read or that inspire you? i started out reading danielle's sometimes sweet, rockstar diaries, sean ♥ chloe is adorable!, i am an age old tree (fellow sacramenten as well) and the little things we do, lauren, she is so nice!

what is your all time favorite color? baby blue. i have loved that color for years!

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? right now i have a craving for france. but in all actuality i need to go to croatia.


thank you so much, caitlin, for letting me put you in the spotlight this week!