Sunday, April 11

sunday spotlight v.2

name/blog name: ayden millar from little blog of horrors.

how long have you been blogging? i have been a member of blogger since october 2008, but only started properly blogging in 2009. so about a year!

what was your reason for starting your blog? my reason was actually uni related, they encouraged us to start a blog as a way of reflecting about the course and our experiences at the rsamd. but when i discovered a whole community online that discussed life, fashion, makeup, and everything else in between... i was hooked! so i do try and speak about uni related stuff now and again, but i'd say now its 80% a personal journal about me and my life.

do you collect anything? when i was little i used to collect ty beanie babies frantically, and when i was in my teens i collected paul frank t-shirts. my love for julius and friends became a bit of an obsession! but nowadays i wouldn't say that i collect anything deliberately. i have almost all of the studio ghibli films on dvd and 8 cameras (manual/lomo/digital) so i guess that makes me a bit of a magpie?

what is your favorite craft? my favourite craft has to be scenic painting. it's what i've been studying for 3 years and hopefully what i'll do for a living when i graduate. people don't realise how many aspects of a theatre or film set are painted. i love making environments that are convincing illusions, and being a part of the 'behind the scenes' magic.

what are your top 5 blogs you like to read or that inspire you? i have stumbled across so many inspiring blogs over the past year, and they have given me so much more than what i could read in any magazine or book (dont shoot me, please!) being dyslexic i find it hard reading huge amounts of writing over a long period of time, so blog posts are a perfect edible size for me and my brain! here are my fave 5 at the moment:

kaelahs blog is always so fascinating to read. she's a very down to earth girl, leads a busy life, and always posts great pictures! her blog is more like a journal, rather than being makeup/fashion orientated.

silje is a tattoo artist and crafter extrordinare! she has amazing style, does the most beautiful paintings, and makes her own clothes. a very cool gal.

jen is one of the first blogs i ever followed. she posts her outfits every day, but with a twist and different themes and some gorgeous jewellery and thrifting thrown in here and there too. she shows how to make fashion affordable but also stresses how you can be unique at the same time. i have picked up so many tips from her, shes awesome!

miss*h tells so many funny, heartwarming and interesting tales from her book of life! haha as cheesy as that sounds, her blog is the most honest and open one i've came across in terms of personal stories and life experience. a constant reminder that we are all human, and we all go through the same shit at some point. but we can all smile together about it. very inspiring lady.

possibly my biggest inspiration indulgance. this girl has the most amazing handwriting, and she doodles beautiful quotes over equally as beautiful photographs. her thoughts and creations are so honest and artistic, they never fail to make me smile.

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? if i could go somewhere tomorow, then i would go to the south island of new zeland or yosemite national park. being a small town girl who travels into the city almost every day of her life can get pretty tedious. nothing beats the smell of fresh air and open spaces. i cant wait to grow old and travel and visit some of the beautiful places this world has to offer.


thank you so much, ayden, for letting me put you in the spotlight this week!


  1. this post made me smile (: adoring your blog, following you!

    - Michelle
    LÉS Mm

  2. Ahh her piercing is cool.

  3. Aww thank you so much jessica ♥ :)