Tuesday, April 20

tuesday tuesday

today is such a beautiful day! i can't wait to get outside. i've been keeping more busy than usual lately (which i really love). next week steve and i are going to chicago, so i've been gathering information, setting up appointments, and ordering tickets. i'm excited and i hope we can find an apartment for august that we like. today i need to mail my happy mail package! which also makes me think...wow, i can't believe it's the 20th of april already!

i really think the people in my apartment building are strange. whenever they use the washing machine, they leave their clothes in there for pretty much a full day. there is only one washing machine and dryer in my building, so it's really a bummer when i decide to do a few loads and there are clothes just sitting there in the machine. it's also a bigger bummer when i go back 4 hours later and that same load of clothes is still sitting in the machine. i really hope that my chicago apartment has an in unit washer/dryer. that would be very happy!

late last week steve and i went to the park to fly kites! it was a lot of fun. he had a unicorn one...which he pretty much broke a minute after this first picture was taken. he got it up in the air and then it came crashing down and it broke. i had a flying pig one. which we got up very nicely and we managed to use the whole role of string on it. it was a fun time.

also, don't forget about my giveaway! you have until saturday, april 24th at 12:00 pm eastern to enter.


  1. i can't get over it is the 20th.

    Love your kite it is so pretty.
    Have a great day-:D

  2. That looks so fun! I've added your button to my blog, hope you don't mind!!


  3. OOO how fun! I wanna do that! =)