Sunday, April 18

sunday spotlight v.3

name/blog name: julia

how long have you been blogging? i started my blog in early 2009, but really started blogging around december 2009.

what was your reason for starting your blog? i wanted a place where i could write about what music i'm currently into, fashion, and what's going on with my life. i don't get very personal in my blog, but it's nice to keep notes of important things that happen in life.

how would you describe your style? oh geez. my everyday style consists of usually: black tights, mod fitted dresses/knit dresses, cardigans or amazing coats, black skinnies, and flats. i stay away from color usually so most of my wardrobe is black or navy and i have a slight obsession with fred perry so my whole wardrobe is surrounded around that brand.

what are a few of your favorite places to shop at? posers in hollywood, barneys, henri bendel (i work there!), the hub in scottsdale, fred perry in england/nyc.

do you collect anything? i collect fred perry clothing and coffee table books about fashion and music.

i love the tattoos you have on your feet, what was the inspiration behind them? i really love traditional tattoo! since i was younger and my older friends got tattooed i was always drawn to that style. my tattoo artist cory does awesome traditional girls so i decided to get a gypsy pirate girl and then followed with the idea of a scruffy pirate guy on my other foot.

what are your top 5 blogs you like to read or that inspire you? the top five blogs that inspire me would be:

tavi (i'm obsessed with her)-
leigh lezark of the misshapes (i'm obsessed with her too!)-
rhian (she's my best friend)-

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? london, london, london. it is my favorite city in the world, and i'm always crossing my fingers that i will live there for a lengthy part of my life. the culture, mannerisms, music, and fashion are out of this world and it's a place that i feel i can relate to.


thank you so much, julia, for letting me put you in the spotlight this week!


  1. Yay Julia! She's is the cutest. I adore her blog and I'm so glad you featured her! I loved all the questions and her great answers:)

  2. thanks for featuring me, your so sweet. xo