Wednesday, May 5

chicago: part 2

day two in chicago (friday, april 30th): shortly after steve and i woke up, we headed to irving park, where i met with eljin at pivot point international academy. i had a meeting with him...mainly to check out the school because i want to attend in the fall. they have two campuses in the chicago area, so after i was done there, steve and i went up to wrigleyville to have lunch at the chicago diner! they had the most amazing food ever there! i ordered a vegan peanut butter cookie dough milkshake! amazing! i also ordered a gyro with mac and 'cheeze' on the side.

once we were done with lunch, we went to evanston, which i must say is such a beautiful place! we went up there because that is where pivot point's other location is. eljin thought i might love that location a little more, and i did.

after that, steve and i took the el to the loyola station and toured an apartment. then we walked around a bit and headed to the lake. it was so beautiful!

we then went back to chris's for the night. steve read poetry books while i looked over my pivot point information.

 i'll be back with the final section of my trip (part 3) tomorrow.


  1. Isn't Chicago Diner the best!? It's my favorite Chicago restaurant ever.
    Evanston is cute too. My old boss is moving there actually and there are lots of 'kids' our age that hang around there too. It's a bit too college-y for me (as opposed to the city) but it is very young there and easy to meet people.

  2. courtney: i loved the chicago diner! the food was great and the people there were really nice. i have a feeling it's going to be my favorite chicago resturant. have you ever been to san francisco? my favorite resturant there is herbivore. i think i love the chicago diner just as much as i love herbivore (which is a lot).

  3. that is BEAUTIFUL. have fun, have fun!

  4. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :-)


  5. Chicago is so much fun to explore. It's thriving, and the sidewalks are always flowing with people.

    I just went to Chicago a few weeks ago. Are you going to hang out downtown at all? If so, stop in at Zara. It's amazing.

  6. beth: i didn't know they had a zara there! i'm definitely going to have to check that out when i move there. thanks!