Wednesday, June 2


yesterday afternoon my sister (becca) came up to visit me! we went out to the park with steve and had a picnic; it was a lot of fun. i've been wanting to have a picnic since spring started and i'm glad i was finally able to. we had corn on the cob, potato chips, strawberries, lemonade, and veggie dogs. after the picnic we went up to the ice cream stand and we all got dole whips in waffle cones, very yummy!

today becca and i drove down to lansing for the afternoon. we shopped for cute summer dresses! after shopping, we went to a resturant in east lansing called sultans. they serve mediterranean food there. i ordered a falafel sandwich with hummus and a salad; it was so good!

the pool at my apartment complex opened up for the summer today. i'm just waiting for steve to get home from his film class, so we can swim together.

picture found at weheartit.

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