Sunday, June 6

sunday sunday

my new blog layout is up! yayy! i have also changed the name of my blog to midnight black. you can grab my new button over on the left, if you'd like.

my little sister is having her high school graduation today! i'm so proud of her. i am not able to get to her graduation today, though. i do wish her the best of luck! i can't wait to see pictures. i will be at her graduation party in july, though. i am helping put it all together with my mother. one of my duties is to make a display for her pictures and achievements.

it's another hot day today. hopefully, i will finally be able to get in that pool today. everytime i think about going in, i hear a ton of kids in it, so i wait until they are gone before i go. the pool isn't the biggest pool in the world, so it's nice when there are not as many people in it.  i am going to wear my bathing suit all afternoon, so once i hear that no one is out there...i'm going!

photo from elle


  1. Yay a pool and a new blog theme/name

    cool! x

  2. gotta love agyness and alexa!

  3. It looks great! Congrats on your big change around! I love it!


  4. im in love with these three outfits!!!!!!!!

    amazin post!!!!!!!!

    lovely blog here!!!!!!!!!!

    thanx for visitin:))

    i followed u!pls come follow me too if u fancy:))


  5. i gotta say that tennesse always wears those freaken white socks and those oxfords. hahah
    serioulsy everytime i see her she is wearing those
    i kid you not!

  6. hello hun :):) thankd for stopping by my blog.

    i love the layout and the new name of your blog.


  7. ohh, loving the new blog name and layout!! hot summer days in bikinis and swimming pools, yes please! like zero degrees here at the mo :'( haah, that photo is perfect. right and save, yeap x

  8. love your new blognaem !

  9. thank you for your comment.
    and love your blog!

  10. ooOoo i like your blog! very cool! keep it up!