Wednesday, June 23


my laptop has been super crazy lately! i think it's coming to the end of it's usable life. not as reliable as it once was. time to back up all my files! i already have my next one in mind that i'd like to get. i'm excited!

today has been a pretty relaxing day. steve has his last class tomorrow and then he's done with his undergrad! all done!

i'm hoping to update a lot more and use more personal photos in my posts once i am moved and settled in chicago. i'll also have a lot more to talk about i hope. this next month is going to be intersting. i have a lot planned. celebrating my sister's 18th birthday, taking her to get her first tattoo, and helping my mom put on her graduation party. also the reiche reunion, lots of trips to the beach, a short trip to chicago to find an apartment, finalizing my school plans, photo sessions, packing up my belongings, saying my goodbyes, and anything that pops up inbetween!

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