Tuesday, June 29

bye bye mount pleasant

steve and i have been packing up all our things and cleaning away for the past two days. tomorrow we move out of our mount pleasant apartment; i'm excited!

also, since i am moving back to my mom's house for the month of july. i will be blogging a little less than usual that month because she doesn't have an internet connection there. i will be able to find a way update once in a while, though.

i've got my train tickets booked for my next trip to chicago. i'm going sometime in the first half of july. steve and i are going to get an apartment picked out! yayy! i can't wait to see what they all look like!


  1. Let me know your new address ( email me). Syd still has to send out your cd she made.
    Sorry I have not been around a lot. I started working 3 weeks ago.

  2. hi darling! im not sure if you have an ebay account or not but if you do could you please log into your ebay account and go to http://mynonprofit.ebay.com/ and save Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as your favorite nonprofit so you can help them win $15,000! Help them continue on their anti-whaling campaign as even though the International Whaling Commission is still intact, there are still countries that participate in commercial whaling. It only takes a second to click and save them as your favorite, thanks! xo

  3. gina, i will e-mail you my new address. :)

    julia, sure thing!