Thursday, June 10

wandering star

today i would like to share one of my favorite musical groups, portishead.  i posted some of my favorite songs by them below, so check that out if you'd like.


  1. yay- i love hearing new music. so glad you shared.
    also, if youre interested in the penpal thing (from my blog) you should totally join!!! i'll be opening it up for july and august soon. it would be great if you joined!!

  2. I keep seeing these post that say 'midnight black' and though "what blog is that?" and then duh! Once I clicked on it...
    I just can't get it in my head that you've changed it! I will soon though.

    P.S. Portishead = Memories of me and my Ex, Bob, laying on the bed and reading anarchist books...totally random but reminds me of when I was a teenager so much!

  3. hey!! if you still want to join the pen pal group for july and august, jsut email me at with your full name, mailing address, birthday (dont have to include the year), and blog link. :)

  4. kellie, i e-mailed you all the info. you asked for. i can't wait to start writing letters with everyone!