Friday, June 18


my family came to my apartment wednesday evening. we had a dinner together that i made. we had salad (with shreded carrots, strawberries, and sunflower seeds on top), peaches, pears, peas, roasted potatoes, and chickpea broccoli casserole! it was so yummy! soon after dinner, we went swimming!
the next day we had to get up early and travel to ferris state university. my sister had her college orientation. i've been really excited about this day for her. she got to sign up for classes and meet some people in her program. it was a great time!

because my family was here for a couple days i got a little behind on my journaling pages. i caught up today and here are my day 4 and day 5 pages...


  1. So cute! I did what fills my heart... oops! Lol!

  2. aw, very cool! i like the heart page. :-)

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  3. i love the idea of your journal page + you have write/draw skillz ; P