Monday, June 21


today is the first day of summer! yayy! i am moving out of my apartment in 10 days because my lease is going to be over. i will be living at my mother's house for the month of july and then sometime in early august i will be moving to chicago! i just can't believe that it's come to this time already. i remember a few years ago when steve and i talking about where we would be moving once he finished his undergrad. it seemed like it was fovever away and now the time is here! only a month and a half until the big move. i'm so excited!


  1. congrats!!!!
    im not sure if i got your email yet about the pen pal project...would you mind sending me another one???? sorry!!!! just send it to
    and there are a few gals that are already on the list from chicago or near it!!! :)

  2. Time flies eh? No wonder you are so excited! :) xx

  3. that sounds so exciting! your very lucky! :)

    <3chelsea elizabeth