Saturday, June 12


i went to target today and bought my journal for the journal challenge that janel of run with scissors is doing. i'm so excited! the challenge starts on monday, june 14.  she will be posting a prompt and her journal page each morning, and she created a flickr group where you can share all your pages with everyone. all you need is your favorite pen and a journal!

i also got a bit crafty today. i bought a binder for my sister, becca, and decorated it for her. i made it for her to store all of her college information and papers in. i hope she likes it. when i was in college all my important papers were everywhere, so i hope this helps her stay organized. it's going to be her first semester of college this fall at ferris state university. i'm going to her college orientation this coming thursday with her and our mom.

i'll be back tomorrow with the sunday spotlight!


  1. aww yay! i can't wait for the challenge either! its going to be so fun! :)

  2. i can't believe i forgot this... GO NOLES!!!!!! yay!!!

  3. i know! i'm so excited and i can't wait to see everyone else's pages! oh, and my sister is going to ferris state university in michigan. not the fsu you were thinking of, haha.

  4. I have the mini red books that you just purchased- they are amazing! You will love these notebooks.
    Did it come in a pack or alone? (the small ones come in packs so I was just curious...)

  5. courtney, i got it as a two pack. i thought they were so cute! i love that the paper in them is graph paper.