Tuesday, December 21

hand in glove

i've been busy going to school and preparing for the holidays these past couple of weeks. i still have my perfect attendance record for school and i usually service a client or two a day now. the way things work in the salon are becoming a little more familiar to me. when i was first starting out on the salon floor i was a bit nervous. i also had one bad experience with a client, but since then i've been able to set my fear aside (for the most part). also, i am almost half way done with my program! only 5 more months to go, yay!

i'm so excited to be going home to michigan to see my family very soon. i haven't seen most of my family since i moved here in august. i have all my gifts for them picked out and wrapped. i know everyone will love the presents i picked out for them!

i also got myself a couple little gifts, hehe. one of which was from h&m. they had a 50% off sale on their coats, so i got a new one. it only costed me $35; i love it! 

we had our first snowfall here a couple of weeks ago. i love the first snowfall, it's so magical, but then i quickly get tired of it, and steve and i think about how much we should have just moved to san francisco, haha.

hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of the year!

exactly 2 months from today it will be my birthday, yayyyyyy!


  1. such a pretty picture.

  2. how exciting that you're half way done with your program. good job with all your work! i love your style. sooo good!

  3. Im glad your fear is going and your enjoying the work more now miss :) Im sure your confidence will grow and grow even more! and 5 months will fly by :) hope you have a lovely time with your family in michigan, hope santa is good to you jess ♥ xx

  4. ayden, thank you for the card! i just got it yesterday!

  5. yo babe don't know if you're into these or not, but I tagged you in my latest post. Have agreat holiday xoxo

  6. ty for the layout love babeh x