Sunday, August 1

my new apartment!

i am finally living in chicago! it was a long day yesterday, getting everything moved here from michigan. i'm still really worn out from moving everything into the new place, haha. i am so happy to be here! there are going to be so many new things to do. i am excited!

we started out at about 8 am on saturday. steve's brother joe helped us. it was a long drive! took about 7 hours to get here from where we lived in michigan.  we got to chicago in the afternoon, picked up our keys, and headed to our new place! 

here is what it looks like. i will post some more photos of it once everything has it's place and i decorate. 

this is a lovely built-in closet that's in the bedroom.

this is the bathroom.

this is the hall closet.

these french doors open to the kitchen; so cute!

after we got all our belongings in the new place, we took joe to the chicago diner for dinner. it was so good.  i had the chickin' caesar salad, steve had the california reuben, and joe had the bbq"ribs" sandwich. we also all split a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough vegan milkshake, yum! 

today is steve's and my 5 year anniversary. i can't believe all the time that has gone by since we met in 2005. i'm so happy to see the way things have turned out with us. tonight we are going out to celebrate! 


  1. Don't you just love the layers and layers and layers of white paint that Chicago apartments have!
    I can never believe just how thick it gets sometimes.
    I hope you guys sat out on the patio of the Diner! That's my favorite place to sit.

  2. love the all white layout with the wooden floors. congrats for your new pad! :)


  3. courtney: yeah, haha, i just noticed that this morning with the paint. we really wanted to sit out on the patio, but ended up getting a table inside. i haven't seen the patio yet, hopefully i get the chance to eat out there sometime.

    asymmetricera: thanks!

  4. I'm so glad that you had a smooth move in. P.S. Chicago Diner is MY FAVORITE vegan eatery period. Drink a temptation shake there for me ;)


  5. julia: i know i love it! coolest thing is that i only live 3 blocks away! i will definitely be drinking a temptation shake for you, haha.

  6. aww, love the french doors! They add so much character :)
    Thanks for the blog comment!

  7. Congrats on the new apt and anniversary! I love moving. Well not the actual process, but the fresh start new location all of it is so exciting to me. I'm glad you are excited too! Ahh and the decorating! Love to decorate can't forget that.

  8. Welcome to Chicago! This city is incredible, and even after years and years of living here, you will still have not seen all of the city!