Thursday, August 12

exciting news!

i have a special treat for all my readers... a (future) giveaway! soon after i hit 100 followers, i am going to have a giveaway! i currently have 95 followers: only 5 more until i hit 100!
i appreciate each and every one of you that check out my blog and check out what i have to share. this giveaway is in honor of you! 

'stay tuned' for more information!


  1. oooh sounds exciting, good luck with reaching 100 babe! i did a little while ago but still havn't organised the giveaway i planned, i'm such a bad blogger. + yess shakuhachi (and the lovely bambi) is amazing, would kill for any one of those gorgeous pieces!!

  2. congrats! i already follow so i'm out, i guess, but please follow my blog! i'm a few away from hitting 200, and doing a similar contest to celebrate!

  3. nicolette, you can still participate in the giveaway! it's not a giveaway for the 100th person to follow me, it's a giveaway for everyone that follwers me once i hit 100 followers. everyone that follows me can enter.


  4. Oh I am so close too :D yay for us!