Sunday, August 22

down low + up high

this week was full of adventures! steve's mom was in town this week, as well as my mom and sister. on monday steve's mom took us up to the john hancock observatory, which took us 94 stories above michigan avenue! it was a great experience. i loved all the views! i can just imagine how beautiful it would look at night, too.

tuesday i went to my orientation. i was so excited to go and see all the people who were going to be my classmates for the next 10 months. there were about 13 people that were there for the orientation along with me. they told us the dress code and filled us in on some things, and we introduced ourselves to everyone. this week i will go in for my very first day of class! 

don't forget: once i hit 100 i am going to be doing a giveaway! only 1 more follower to go.


  1. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous. Hooray for back to school, too!

  2. i love the aerial shot.


  3. ooooh ... how nice. scary nice. but still nice. i'm going to follow you now. hopefully i'm #100.

  4. I really like your blog.. and you are a really good photographer.. following you from now on!
    good job!
    hope you like mine too!

  5. amazing pics.
    lovely blog

  6. Hey Jessica!
    I have a letter for you from the penpal group but I lost the envelope that went with your card so I don't have your current address in Chicago, will you email it to me??

  7. tiffany, i am going to send you an e-mail with my chicago address.