Sunday, July 11

pictures from my week

this week we put together all of my sister's things for her graduation party, which is next weekend. in the picture below she is holding the poster she made with pictures from art class. it was fun because we splattered the background. 

this week steve and i also visited chicago. mainly to get our apartment (and we did find one; it's so cute!) below are some pictures i took while we were in the city.

here is steve waiting at the L station.

here are some pictures from my sister's 18th birthday! i made her this lovely cake. yayy! happy birthday, becca!

my mom was a little late for her party and wanted to see becca blow her candles out, so we relit what was left of the cake.

she had been talking about getting a tattoo for the past couple of years, so on her birthday we decided to go out and get it done! it was a lot of fun and i was glad i could be there and celebrate her big day with her.  i love the way her tattoo turned out. it is italian for "to live without regrets."

steve got a mac book in the mail from his friend as a graduation gift. i was having fun on it and took this picture of myself. 

today is my reiche family reunion. looking forward to visiting with my dad there since i haven't seen him in a while. 

19 more days until the big move!


  1. Cake looks delicious! And beautiful tattoo, lovely script.

  2. congrats on finding an apartment!! xo

  3. Your sister is pretty. Love the cake you made her.

    I am on my dd mac as I type--:D
    Did you get a tattoo? I know you said you like them but wondered if you had one done?
    I can't wait to visit Chicago.