Saturday, July 10


steve and i took another trip to chicago this past wednesday. the train ride was seven hours. once we got there we had lunch at the chicago diner and then headed to my school. i am officially signed up and good to go! 

the next day we set up an appointment with an apartment finding service in chicago. we looked at five different apartments. i was so happy when we found "the one." it's so cute! it's a vintage apartment on a tree lined street in uptown. i can't wait to move in! i didn't take any pictures, but i will share some of the inside of my new place once i move in. 

yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday! i had a lot of fun with her. she said that i made it her best birthday ever, which made me feel really happy. we went to a tattoo shop and she got her first tattoo. it looks great! after that we had lunch and then we headed to the casino! she even brought back a little money. once we got home we enjoyed a yummy vegan birthday cake i made her. it was a vanilla cake with strawberry frosting and neon candles. 

i look forward to when i move to chicago at the very end of this month...especially because i will be back into blogging more often because i will have internet at my new place. i miss being able to read everyone's posts every day.

i'll be back sometime early next week with some pictures of things that have been going on!

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