Tuesday, June 29

bye bye mount pleasant

steve and i have been packing up all our things and cleaning away for the past two days. tomorrow we move out of our mount pleasant apartment; i'm excited!

also, since i am moving back to my mom's house for the month of july. i will be blogging a little less than usual that month because she doesn't have an internet connection there. i will be able to find a way update once in a while, though.

i've got my train tickets booked for my next trip to chicago. i'm going sometime in the first half of july. steve and i are going to get an apartment picked out! yayy! i can't wait to see what they all look like!

Friday, June 25


today has been a pretty great day so far. my sister, her boyfriend, and one of their friends came to my place today. we went tubing down the river; it was so much fun! it was especially fun when we went down the rapids. after tubing we came back to my place and went swimming in the pool. i've been in the water a lot today. such a great way to spend my friday afternoon!

have a great weekend everyone!

photo found at weheartit.

Thursday, June 24

wild fox fall 2010

Wildfox Couture Fall 2010: It's Witchcraft from WILDFOX PR on Vimeo.


i've been seeing these a lot latlely, but i just i love this set so much!

Wednesday, June 23


my laptop has been super crazy lately! i think it's coming to the end of it's usable life. not as reliable as it once was. time to back up all my files! i already have my next one in mind that i'd like to get. i'm excited!

today has been a pretty relaxing day. steve has his last class tomorrow and then he's done with his undergrad! all done!

i'm hoping to update a lot more and use more personal photos in my posts once i am moved and settled in chicago. i'll also have a lot more to talk about i hope. this next month is going to be intersting. i have a lot planned. celebrating my sister's 18th birthday, taking her to get her first tattoo, and helping my mom put on her graduation party. also the reiche reunion, lots of trips to the beach, a short trip to chicago to find an apartment, finalizing my school plans, photo sessions, packing up my belongings, saying my goodbyes, and anything that pops up inbetween!

Tuesday, June 22

nasty gal

i'm really lovin' the newer pieces that are in the nasty gal shop. here are some of my favorites...

all photos from nasty gal.

Monday, June 21


check out these beautiful pieces by armor jewelry.


today is the first day of summer! yayy! i am moving out of my apartment in 10 days because my lease is going to be over. i will be living at my mother's house for the month of july and then sometime in early august i will be moving to chicago! i just can't believe that it's come to this time already. i remember a few years ago when steve and i talking about where we would be moving once he finished his undergrad. it seemed like it was fovever away and now the time is here! only a month and a half until the big move. i'm so excited!

Sunday, June 20

Friday, June 18


my family came to my apartment wednesday evening. we had a dinner together that i made. we had salad (with shreded carrots, strawberries, and sunflower seeds on top), peaches, pears, peas, roasted potatoes, and chickpea broccoli casserole! it was so yummy! soon after dinner, we went swimming!
the next day we had to get up early and travel to ferris state university. my sister had her college orientation. i've been really excited about this day for her. she got to sign up for classes and meet some people in her program. it was a great time!

because my family was here for a couple days i got a little behind on my journaling pages. i caught up today and here are my day 4 and day 5 pages...

Monday, June 14

june/july 2010 issue - interview magazine

megan fox by craig mcdean for interview magazine.
click here to view more images this spread.

Sunday, June 13

sunday spotlight v.5

name/blog name: katie elderkin, in my own little universe

please tell us a little about yourself. i am a freelance graphic designer, following my dreams of being a full time jewelry designer. i went to kendall college of art and design in michigan. i now live in tampa with my boyfriend chris, my dog star and my two cats, niko and casper. i absolutely love living in florida and i'm so happy i moved down here 8 years ago.

please tell us a little about your etsy shop, my own little universe. my jewelry is a mix of vintage and new...old and modern. i use a lot of mixed metals, chains, rough rocks and crystal. sterling silver is my favorite metal to use. i like my jewelry to have a little bit of an edge, with a little rock and roll feel.

when did you first start designing jewelry? i took my first metal smithing class right after i graduated from college in 2000. i majored in graphic design in college, so i went right into full time employment after graduation. i didn't go back to metal smithing class until maybe 5 years later. i would go off and on just for fun. i have been taking it much more seriously this past year.

where do you get your design inspiration? this might sound strange, but i get a lot of inspiration from cosmos...visually. my favorite stones to work with are druzy stones and they look like something you would find on the moon and sparkle like stars. i am working on finding a good source for those stones, i only get really great ones occasionally. but i would love to have a whole line of druzy jewelry. other than that i get my inspiration from diy style i see online and in blogs. also high fashion and rock and roll. i love to mix modern with old, so i am also inspired by all my vintage finds.

what direction do you hope to move in the future? do you have any big plans? my dream would be to collaborate with big name designers, supplying my jewelry for high fashion runway shows and photoshoots. i want to be known in the design world and make an abundant living solely on my designs.

you recently were part of the mtv movie awards gifting suite. what was that like? it was a blast! i really had such a positive response from my jewelry. and so many people walked away wearing my pieces instead of putting it in their bag. katharine mcphee of american idol wore my necklace on stage during her performance at the event. that was so flattering, i was so proud! having christian siriano of project runway walk away wearing my necklace was also a highlight. everyone was really nice and easy to talk to for the most part. and since then, i have seen pictures of celebs wearing my jewelry at events (pictures on my blog). that is so amazing, makes me feel like anything is possible and maybe my dreams can come true!

what is the best perk of being a designer? the best thing about being a designer is being able to live out my creativity. i have never wanted to do anything else besides something involving art. i would be miserable otherwise. so being able to have a career that is fun and different everyday is such a blessing. and then being able to share that with other people and making them happy with something i have made feels wonderful.


 thank you so much, katie, for letting me put you in the spotlight this week!

Saturday, June 12


i went to target today and bought my journal for the journal challenge that janel of run with scissors is doing. i'm so excited! the challenge starts on monday, june 14.  she will be posting a prompt and her journal page each morning, and she created a flickr group where you can share all your pages with everyone. all you need is your favorite pen and a journal!

i also got a bit crafty today. i bought a binder for my sister, becca, and decorated it for her. i made it for her to store all of her college information and papers in. i hope she likes it. when i was in college all my important papers were everywhere, so i hope this helps her stay organized. it's going to be her first semester of college this fall at ferris state university. i'm going to her college orientation this coming thursday with her and our mom.

i'll be back tomorrow with the sunday spotlight!

Friday, June 11


happy birthday, jack horkheimer (star gazer)!

all photos from this post were found at weheartit.

Thursday, June 10

wandering star

today i would like to share one of my favorite musical groups, portishead.  i posted some of my favorite songs by them below, so check that out if you'd like.

Sunday, June 6

sunday sunday

my new blog layout is up! yayy! i have also changed the name of my blog to midnight black. you can grab my new button over on the left, if you'd like.

my little sister is having her high school graduation today! i'm so proud of her. i am not able to get to her graduation today, though. i do wish her the best of luck! i can't wait to see pictures. i will be at her graduation party in july, though. i am helping put it all together with my mother. one of my duties is to make a display for her pictures and achievements.

it's another hot day today. hopefully, i will finally be able to get in that pool today. everytime i think about going in, i hear a ton of kids in it, so i wait until they are gone before i go. the pool isn't the biggest pool in the world, so it's nice when there are not as many people in it.  i am going to wear my bathing suit all afternoon, so once i hear that no one is out there...i'm going!

photo from elle

Wednesday, June 2


yesterday afternoon my sister (becca) came up to visit me! we went out to the park with steve and had a picnic; it was a lot of fun. i've been wanting to have a picnic since spring started and i'm glad i was finally able to. we had corn on the cob, potato chips, strawberries, lemonade, and veggie dogs. after the picnic we went up to the ice cream stand and we all got dole whips in waffle cones, very yummy!

today becca and i drove down to lansing for the afternoon. we shopped for cute summer dresses! after shopping, we went to a resturant in east lansing called sultans. they serve mediterranean food there. i ordered a falafel sandwich with hummus and a salad; it was so good!

the pool at my apartment complex opened up for the summer today. i'm just waiting for steve to get home from his film class, so we can swim together.

picture found at weheartit.