Saturday, March 27

saturday night

it's so beautiful outside right now. it looks like it rained outside, but it didn't.
today started out slow, but steve and i did a lot of thinking with our plans for the fall. i'm feeling a lot better than i was the other day about everything. everyone has their days... 

happy mail partners for next month should be sent out pretty soon. i'm excited to see who i get paired with!

does anyone else take part in happy mail?

(photo found at weheartit)


  1. I have done it for two months- I thought I would love it but I don't know. My first month my Feb. partner didn't send it out until 3 weeks later (and I had to tell Lindsay and Jamie about it) and my March partner just emailed me about also not sending theirs out; that they would send it at the end of next week.
    For April I signed up for two partners to see what would happen but if it's a repeat of the last two months I may just forgo the whole thing all together. It would just turn it into more of a hassle then anything...I just don't want that to happen.
    If we don't get paired up we should pair ourselves up!

  2. courtney: yeah, my february package didn't get to me for a long time, but that's because it was lost in the mail. my people have been pretty well on time with everything. i had two partners in february, but i know i don't want to do that's a lot more work. i would totally love to pair up with you on our own in one of the coming months!

  3. first off: i just checked out gin wigmore and i like her a lot! she's got such an interesting voice!

    and yes i participate in happy mail! i also had a problem but i still like it. my first time to do it was last month and i signed up for two partners but one of them NEVER contacted me in any way and i sent a card and she never responded or sent me one so i told jamie about it. but my other partner was AWESOME! and this month i have two again ^_^

    xo tiffany

  4. the first part wasn't meant for you hahah i'm sorry if it confused you!

  5. tiffany: i was a little confused at first, haha. i'm glad you enjoy happy mail!

  6. I have been doing Happy Mail since January and I really like it. I have been really lucky and had good partners. I just found out that I have been paired with someone who's blog I follow, so I am excited about that :)

  7. Did you get my dd email? I can't believe she has you for happy mail. I told her I had you the first month i signed up.
    I also told her I know a little more about you , so i should be able to help pick things out. I found mambas!!

    Have a great week!

  8. gina: i did get sydney's e-mail! i was excited when she said she was your daughter. it will be fun! also, it's cool that you found mambas! i saw them at kmart once, but most of the time i see them at the health food store.

  9. love your blog!!! I just found it. I have been participating in Happy Mail since it started I think :) I have had a LOT of great partners so definitely don't let the one from the past get you down!!

  10. that is such a beautiful photo!!

  11. janel: thanks for checking my blog out! i do enjoy happy mail, it is fun!