Friday, March 5

oh my

this afternoon i went to see alice in wonderland. after the movie was over, i walked out of the theatre not knowing how to feel about it. i know i didn't hate it, but i also know that i didn't love it. i still don't quite know how i feel about it. i did go into it with very high expectations, so that could also be why i didn't enjoy it as much as i thought i would. i did like some of the parts and some of the characters, like the cat were pretty cute!

did you go see alice in wonderland? if so, what were your thoughts on it?


  1. I think i might take the kids next weekend--less people-:D

    I hope I just don't get sick. I don't do well with 3D.

    What is it with 3D movies lately? Sorry to hear you did not love it.

  2. oh no! i hate that feeling! i haven't seen it. I probably won't until next week and definitely not in 3d. that kills my eyes and you miss all the beautiful background. did you see it in 3d?

  3. emalie, i did see it in 3d.

  4. i went today to see it too and i was super excited because i've been in love with the original movie since i was a kid. i just didn't like the white queen and that thing she kept doing with her hands! kinda irritating but i liked it overall :)

  5. I agree with The Curious Pug, the white queen with her dramatic exits and entrances and the hands..irked me like mad.
    I thought it was good.
    Lots of unexpected parts (wont ruin it for those who didnt see it).
    I think it was slow in the beginning too..
    Overall, I probably wont see it a second time but I will buy it on DVD

  6. ooooh yes, i had the exact same feeling, i was also pretty hyped out and probably expected alot because it was a Tim Burton movie and Johnny Depp *swoon* acted in it. I just thought he would do much more with the tea-party theme, he didnt take it all the way. But I looved the fat boys and the red queen with her heart craze (the heart lipstick was too cute).I just felt it was too lords of the rings style of movie.