Thursday, March 18


today is another beautiful day! i am loving the weather so much! i started a few art projects today, i'm excited with the progress of each project. can't wait to see them all done! also i've been working on more bows for my etsy shop, so if you're interested in my bows, check back this weekend for lots more! 

i bought myself some lovely flowers today. i put them on my coffee table. i just felt like i needed something to boost my mood.

a few weeks ago i did a post with pastel hair streaks. i can't get enough of them, though. i love them. makes me want to do something fun to my hair this weekend involving some crazy color!

hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Do it! My hair is screaming for red or pink right now...I think that I am going to have to go ahead and dye it.

  2. I love making my hair a different color. GO FOR IT!!

  3. love the hairrrrr That photo of Dree will be remembered for a long time <3

  4. im about to do my tips blue! i think you should!!

    xo tiffany

  5. i'm going to buy myself some flowers too!! i think you should do something fun to your hair.. why not! :)

  6. jessica. let's do pastel hair coloring. like,