Thursday, March 25


i feel pretty happy today because steve said we are likely moving to chicago in the summer (but it's not definite). i've been looking online for places to possibly live and all the different vegan restaurants for me to eat at! the idea of living there makes me excited, but also really scared to if i have to make the big move. i haven't visited chicago since i was 15, which was about 6 years ago, so i totally forget what it feels like there. steve and i are thinking about visiting there in late april and checking out columbia college.

do any of you bloggers out there live in or near chicago? do you know any other bloggers that are? if so, please leave their links in the comments. i would love to get to know more bloggers from the chicago area.

hope everyone is having a beautiful thursday afternoon!

(photos of chicago found at weheartit)


  1. I have only ever visited Chicago, and I don't know anyone who lives there. That being said, I am so jealous. It is one of the few cities I truly want to live in at some point in the next ten years. Good luck!

  2. the boyfriend and i are probably moving to chicago after we graduate! i'm so excited. he's going to get his masters at the university of chicago.

  3. ME me me me! I even went to college in the loop at Columbia. Chicago has my heart (though I think Los Angeles has been flirting with me ever since I visited!).
    An Liz from EV Photo Chic (I'm not sure if you read her blog).
    My FAVORITE redaturant is The Chicago Diner (the motto is 'Meat free since'83!). They have the yummiest food, a patio outside when it is nice and some of their own parking spots! Plus there is Soul Veg, Handlebar and a bunch of ther vegan hipster restaurants...
    Though in Chicago you should probably ditch the car and make sure you are up for the weather changes. We say 'If you don't like the weather in Chicago-wait 15 minutes'
    I could go on and on and on....
    I you love Chicago.

  4. thank you for your pic! you are so pretty--:D

    Wow sounds like a big move. I bet you will love it. I also bet there will be more vegan restaurants.

  5. eden: what field is your boyfriend going into? that is exciting!

    courtney: that is neat that you went to columbia! what did you go for? my boyfriend is going for poetry. one of my friends recently took a trip to chicago and visited the chicago diner, they said they loved it! i am so excited for more resturant options!

    gina: glad you got my picture in the mail!