Wednesday, March 24


i have been busy busy with things lately, that is why i didn't get a chance to take the time to write on here the past few days. i got a bunch of new items listed in my etsy store! i will have cute earrings up in april, too! do you have an etsy store? if so, what is the link to your store? i'd love to check it out.

i spent a lot of my day yesterday organizing folders on my computer. i went through a lot of pictures and tried cleaning my desktop up a little. my hard drive is getting full, so that is why i decided to do that.

my kitty, gabby (aka mrs. picabia), was running around like crazy this morning. sometimes she runs so fast that i feel like i don't even see her pass through the room...even though she does.

she looks a little grumpy in these pictures (probably because i woke her from her nap trying to take these), but this is her if you haven't met her before...

hope everyone is having a wonderful wednesday!


  1. I love your bows and what a cute little kitty!


  2. carrie: thank you, thank you!

  3. Cuteness all around!
    Remember the bow you sent me? I wear it has a necklace. Its so cute--I heart the colors!! Maybe you could sell them on your etsy?

  4. gina: yes, i do remember the bow i sent you! do you mean just put up black and white ones too...kind of the like one i sent you?

  5. no making necklaces out of them . i kept the clip part on mine so I could wear it both ways.

  6. gina: oh! i get it now, hehe. i would love to see how you wear it!


  7. i will take a pic and post it on my blog. i will let you know when.

  8. you kitty is so cute! she does look grumpy though haha

    xo tiffany