Friday, March 5

down the rabbit hole

this is a silly story i am about to tell you all. i've only been to one midnight showing of a movie. i went to the midnight showing of star wars episode 1 many years ago. when i went to that, i remember standing in line for the movie and buying tickets there as we came in. last night i assumed that it would be the same process, but when me and my two friends arrived at the theatre...we saw that there was a sign that said "sold out." we were so sad. we felt like the biggest dorks in the world.

good news is we are going to see it today! i am so happy! last night i was just so sad about it, but i feel a lot better now that it's a new day and i know i am going to go see it in a few hours.

below is a picture of how me and steve dressed up for the show that we thought we were going to go see last night, haha.


  1. very cute!

    super love that bow

  2. I loved that you dressed up for it! So cute!

    I'm going to see it after midnight tonight and I'm soooo hoping it isn't sold out.

  3. You guys are so darn cute!! Love the pic!

  4. thank you everyone!