Sunday, June 26


last week i had a couple of job interviews. i got a call from the one place i interviewed at and they are having me come in for a second interview! i'm excited! i hope everything works out. 

today is the gay pride parade in my neighborhood. i have my windows open letting in the warm air and sunshine. i've been hearing music and people having fun all morning! 

last night i lit a few candles in memory of my friend who passed away last week. the candle lighting was an event organized on facebook. i was having a difficult time this week. at first i didn't want to believe that my friend was really gone. a couple days after i heard the news i started to get a lot more emotional, it was the only thing i could think about. the past few days were happier because i thought of all the great memories i had with this person and how i was lucky to have known him. lighting the candles was really comforting. i know they were just candles, but they gave me such a warm happy feeling, to me they symbolized my friend's presence, he lit up the whole room all day! 

later this week, i am going to be crossing something off on my 22 before 23 list! i'm very excited!

Saturday, June 25

goodbye, friend

rest in peace, brian.

you will be deeply missed.

february 14, 1990 - june 18, 2011

Saturday, June 18

m.a.c. style sessions: spot on trend

last night i attended a m.a.c. cosmetics style session; it was a lot of fun! it was my first time attending one! to reserve my spot at the session, all i had to do was buy a $50 gift card that we could redeem for products at the end of the session. the session i attended was "spot on trend." the m.a.c. artists showed us three looks; they were "the everyday celebrity," "the academy awards," and "the grammy look." i was lucky to be a model for the grammy look (the face chart for this look ca be seen in the image above).

they gave each of us a welcome packet that had a notebook with face charts, the looks for the evening, and lots of space for notes to be jotted down during the session.

after the session i began to shop around! i got myself a pro color palette, studio moisture fix, and sheertone blush in peaches. 

studio moisture fix

pro color palette

for the look they had me model, i loved the eyes, but the bright lips were a bit much for me (so i took it off). here is a little snapshot i got of the makeup look on my phone (sorry for the low quality image). 

i hope to attend another one of these sometime!

Thursday, June 16


i am all done with school! my last day was last saturday and i graduated this past monday. it feels so wonderful to be done! now i can cross a few things off of my 22 before 23 list! my mom and sister came up to see me graduate; it was nice to see them again. 

this week i am taking time to relax and catch up on a lot of things i let go while i was in school. the thing i've been working most on this week is organizing! i'm doing a deep cleaning of every room in my apartment! 

Monday, June 6

iron + wine

it's officially my last week of school! i am very excited! 

this evening me, steve, brett, stephen, and brittney met up at millennium park for their free evening concert series. tonight iron + wine was performing. there were a ton of people there and it was mega hot out! after the concert steve, brett, brittney, and i went on our first double date (hehe) to the chicago diner for vegan milkshakes. it was a great night.