Thursday, June 16


i am all done with school! my last day was last saturday and i graduated this past monday. it feels so wonderful to be done! now i can cross a few things off of my 22 before 23 list! my mom and sister came up to see me graduate; it was nice to see them again. 

this week i am taking time to relax and catch up on a lot of things i let go while i was in school. the thing i've been working most on this week is organizing! i'm doing a deep cleaning of every room in my apartment! 


  1. i had so much fun with you over the weekend. maybe hope to see you again in july.

  2. Nice photo!
    Which things did you cross off your list?

  3. rebecca: yes, hopefully we can get together sometime next month!

    lolo: i crossed "graduate from school with perfect attendance" of my list. yay!