Saturday, February 19

22 before 23

i'm going to be turning 22 years old in a few days! i can't believe it! i really wanted to make one of these lists of things i'd like to accomplish before my next birthday because they seem fun! 

2. get passport
3. plan a trip
4. spend one night in a fancy hotel
5. learn a little french
6. graduate from school with perfect attendance 
7. get a job that i love
8. make vegan red velvet cupcakes from scratch
9. do something sweet for my 6 year anniversary w/ steve
10. exercise regularly
11. have a picnic with my love at millenium park
12. see a musical
13. get a small tattoo
14. get a new pair of eye glasses
15. buy a new piece of art
16. take more pictures
17. get chairs for the dinner table, finally
18. do hair for a photo shoot
19. make new business cards
20. make strawberry jam
21. spend a weekend away in california with my sister
22. print a giant photo of poncho peligroso and hang it in living room


  1. aw these are fantastic / sweet goals. <3 #22!!

  2. ooo strawberry jam sounds delicious!

  3. They aren't red velvet, but I came across this recipe and thought of you today after reading your post. :)

    your cousin, Shelley

  4. thanks for the recipe, shelley!

  5. Might have to steal this idea...but I'll wait until I can do a '23 before 24' in three months.