Monday, July 4

beauty and the beast

this past thursday i went to see the musical, beauty and the beast, at the oriental theatre in chicago. it was my first musical! it was also something on my list of 22 before 23, so now i have another item crossed off the list!

i was given two tickets to this as one of my graduation gifts. i brought steve along with me to the show; we both really enjoyed it! the theatre looked really cool on the inside. the set looked amazing and set changes were really smooth! all of the songs were fun! steve and i especially loved the singing and dancing for the songs "gaston" and "be our guest." 

today is july 4th. i've been hearing fireworks going off all weekend! there have also been a lot of nice days weather wise.

happy july!


  1. Any fun musicals coming up? I'd like to see one. Maybe sometime when I visit we can go to one.

  2. yay! i love broadway musicals... i saw wicked (amazing) and the lion king (so awesome).. i hope to see a lot more too as i get older! glad that you had fun!