Saturday, June 18

m.a.c. style sessions: spot on trend

last night i attended a m.a.c. cosmetics style session; it was a lot of fun! it was my first time attending one! to reserve my spot at the session, all i had to do was buy a $50 gift card that we could redeem for products at the end of the session. the session i attended was "spot on trend." the m.a.c. artists showed us three looks; they were "the everyday celebrity," "the academy awards," and "the grammy look." i was lucky to be a model for the grammy look (the face chart for this look ca be seen in the image above).

they gave each of us a welcome packet that had a notebook with face charts, the looks for the evening, and lots of space for notes to be jotted down during the session.

after the session i began to shop around! i got myself a pro color palette, studio moisture fix, and sheertone blush in peaches. 

studio moisture fix

pro color palette

for the look they had me model, i loved the eyes, but the bright lips were a bit much for me (so i took it off). here is a little snapshot i got of the makeup look on my phone (sorry for the low quality image). 

i hope to attend another one of these sometime!


  1. I LOVED reading this post because I am part of a management team at a MAC counter here in UT and knowing how much you liked the Style Session RULES. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Would have loved to see the bright lip ;)


  2. Oooh this style session thing sounds like it was loads of fun!

  3. Love the eyes of the look they did on you! So wearable and totally flattering.